Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dye-Na-Flow Workshop

To kick off our 2012 - 2013 season CFAC members and friends met at Karen Loprete's home for a workshop using Dye-Na-Flow products. Dye-Na-Flow dyes are premixed and non toxic making them especially user friendly. Karen demonstrated her technique of overlaying silk on cotton to create two distinctive pieces from one process!

The group is listening intently to Karen's discussion on technique!
Left to right we have Carol Vinick, Roz Spann, Diane Wright, Debby Bento
Barb Adams, Cher Hurney and Janine Anderson-Bays.

After lying a silk scarf on top of a piece of cotton Karen mists both fabrics with water.

Next Karen adds Dye-Na-Flow to the silk.
She uses either an eye dropper, sponge brush or mister to apply the dye.

Here you can see how applying dye to the upper layer seeps
into the cotton below creating a secondary design.

The group is eager to get started and create something unique.
Karen's sample pieces are hanging on the line.

Carol Ludington and Carol Vinick get started with 
Debby Bento, Toni Torres and Cher Hurney looking on.

Janine Anderson-Bays is focused on her design.

Barb Adams looking on as Debby Bento gives the Dye-Na-Flow a try.

Roz Spann creates a piece with a lot of movement and energy.

Ruth Anne-Olsen goes for the bright colors.

Janine Anderson-Bays piece is migrating and creating a very interesting look.

This is the cotton Toni Torres had placed beneath her silk creating a secondary pattern.

Roz Spann and Diane Wright confer with Carol Eaton's piece hanging to dry.  

Birthdays are best celebrated with friends and we have Toni Torres, Barb Adams, Karen Loprete and Carol Vinick all sharing a a fall birthday!

Time to relax after a day of creating!
The group agrees using Dye-Na-Flow products was quick and easy
with the non toxic factor a bonus 


  1. Wow! I'm sorry I missed it! Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. Your creative energy was missed... see you in October!