Linda Martin

A native "Hartfordite", I learned to sew while in Junior High School and throughout the years have used the skill to decorate my home, create my college graduation robe, and extend my wardrobe. I have always had an appreciation for fabric and cultural designs.

I began quilting in July 2010. My creations provide me with a means to express how I connect who I am with where I come from, what I see and where I am going. I always remember to "Lift up the Gift".


  1. Hi Linda! Found this site easily. Would love to check out your new website. Can you please send me the web address for it? It was delightful working w you this past weekend at AHCC. My email address:

    Have sent the story about the upcoming fiber arts exhibit at Windsor Arts Center to two of my quilting friends. I will definitely get there while it's still hanging.
    Jane Carroll
    ( the watercolor artist from AHCC)

  2. Hey girl. I learned a lot from your class and was delighted to read this message although it is almost two months late. My website is: Let's stay in touch.