Mary Lachman

Artist Statement:
I love fiber and color. I quilt, knit, and felt wool. I collect vintage textiles. I learned to sew garments as a child and made most of my own clothing in high school including my prom dress.

College, marriage, and children took me away from my hobby for many years (although I did make my wedding dress on a borrowed sewing machine).

When my youngest son was in kindergarten, I had begun to sew again, having been given my grandmother's sewing machine, but we had a house fire (it was Ash Wednesday 2000) that destroyed everything.

My inspiration to quilt came from years of sleeping under quilts made by my grandmother and her sisters in southern Indiana. When an Indiana cousin heard of our fire she gave me her sewing machine and I began again.  Quilting reconnected me to my passion for fiber and empowered me to push through the difficult times. Through my quilting I have met many amazing friends.

I create my own designs, although sometimes I use traditional patterns to do so. I use natural fibers or recycled threads (other people's scraps... a.k.a. OPS).

My art has been included in juried arts shows in and around New Haven, CT including Cultural Passages at the Creative Arts Workshop and the Annual Celebration of American Crafts since 2009.

Visit Mary's website for more information:

Recent Exhibits:
Wearable Art - through February 2013
Phoenix Rising Art Center, Main Street, Thomaston, CT
Opening Reception Friday, February 8th 6-8 pm

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