Monday, March 3, 2014

"Spring Thaw" Opens at Duncaster in Bloomfield

The Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective exhibit "Spring Thaw" at the Duncaster Center in Bloomfield is open now through March 28, 2014.

What a lovely venue. We were literally wined and dined by the art committee and entire Duncaster community. Here are some pictures from the opening reception.

"Fishing Season 2" by Rosalind Spann

"Donna's Iris" by Carol Eaton

"Geraniums" by Christina Blais

"Vintage Garden" by Karen Loprete

"Acadia" Grey Challenge by Carol R. Eaton

"Sand Ripples" by Diane Cadrain

"And This Tree Doesn't Grow in Brooklyn", Grey Challenge by Wanda Seldon

"Roses and Old Lace" by Mary Lachman
Antonia Torres, Carol Vinick, and Mary Lachman listening to audience questions during the gallery talk. 

Rosalind Spann and Carol Vinick in gallery talk