Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Soulful Journeys at the Windsor Art Center

Soulful Journeys.  That's the name of the Connecticut Fiber Ats Collective's current art quilt exhibit, hanging at the Windsor Art Center until April 23, 2016.  The show takes its name from the nearby Connecticut River, which flows for several miles through the town of Windsor, bringing to mind a suggestion of journeys, both of the body and of the soul.

Here's the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective in its glory.  From the left:  Christina Blais, Diane Cadrain, Wanda Seldon, Carol Vinick, Linda Martin, Antonia Torres and Roz Spann.  Missing from this photo are Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective members Carol Eaton, Mary Lachman, and Karen Loprete.
The opening reception for the show was on Saturday, March 12, and it attracted a crowd, as you'll see below.  But if you missed the reception, the show itself is still on view at the Windsor Art Center, 40n Mechanic St., Windsor, Connecticut, on Thursdays from 6 to 8pm, Saturdays from 10am to 4pm, and Sundays from 11am to 4pm.  And there are a number of other related activities on schedule, such as artist's talks, a workshop on fabric collage, and a workshop to construct a felted finger labyrinth.  More details on those events later.  Meanwhile, take a look at our happening reception!

Here's a sampling of the excited crowd we attracted
And here's our own Wanda Seldon, welcoming the crowd and thanking our sponsors, Cigna and Vantis Life.

All of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective artists contributed pieces which demonstrate their dedication to, and love of, creating art from fiber. 

For example, here's Carol Vinick, with her art quilt Roots and Wings, which visualizes the journey of raising her daughters, Tasha and Chris, giving the girls both roots and wings.  Carol poses here with her husband Tom and daughter Tasha.

Here's Diane Cadrain with her art quilt Buddhist Temple, an image of a temple called Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, located in Chaing Mai, Thailand.  This piece reiterates the steps of the Buddhist eightfold path, a journey to enlightment.  Diane poses here with her daughters Lucia Rubin-Cadrain and Julia Cadrain.

Quite a crowd, no?
We members of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective have been together for five years, and Soulful Journeys is our fifteenth show.  

If you missed the reception, it's not too late to enjoy these related events:

Saturday, March 19 • 10am – 12 noon
Workshop: The Art of Fabric Collage
Create original 8”X10” fabric
art pieces through instruction on the use of value, color, and design.
Workshop fee: $30; Materials fee: $5. RSVP at 860-688-2528.
Saturday, April 9 • 1 – 2pm
Artists Talk. Meet several of the exhibiting fiber artists and hear how
their work reflects their own life journeys. Free.
Saturday, April 16 • 10am – 12 noon
Workshop: Felted Labyrinth 
Create a felted finger labyrinth,
an effective meditation tool – both in creation and use, through
instruction on the technique of needle felting with wool roving.

Workshop fee: $30; Materials fee: $10. RSVP at 860-688-2528.
For more information, please call or visit www.windsorartcenter.org.

We of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective are very proud of our group's longevity, its track record of exhibitions...and most of all, of our growing skills and abilities, which enable us to express the spirits within us, and share them with you.