Sunday, May 6, 2012

CFAC Celebrates One Year Anniversay!

The Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective celebrated their one year anniversary this weekend. Barbara Khachane hosted a lovely brunch where we were able to reflect on our year together and discuss the direction of the group moving forward.

Carol Vinick, Toni Torres and Mary Lachman

Mary Lachman, Roz Spann and Carol Vinick

About 6 months ago the group came up with a "brown bag challenge" to be completed for our anniversary meeting. Each member received the below items in a bag; the challenge was to use all the items plus whatever else the artist wanted to add.

It was exciting to see each member unveil their art work! Every piece was wildly different from the next. Please see below photos of the challenge, (not all members were present and their work will be posted at a later date).

Carol Eaton
Roz Spann

Carol Vinick
Toni Torres
Mary Lachman

Cher Hurney

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  1. I am SO impressed with the results of your brown bag challenge. They are all so creative, and so interestingly different from one another. Great work.